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Government Subsidy Childcare Fee Assistance​

Childcare payments can be quite daunting and confusing when you are a new parent using this type of care. For most families the fee charged for childcare is NOT what you actually pay. Your actual out of pocket childcare fee is determined by the percentage of government funding you qualify for known as Child Care Subsidy.  Childcare Subsidy is a Commonwealth Government subsidy provided to assist families with their out of pocket expenses for childcare fees.  The amount of Childcare Subsidy you may be eligible for is determined by a number of assessment criteria including your families income, the amount of recognised activity you complete during a fortnight (work – study or volunteer activity) and the type of care you are using. The Childcare Subsidy amount is paid direct to the centre and deducted from the actual fee charged. For example if the centre fee is $110 and your government subsidy total $85.20 your out of pocket payment to the centre will be $24.80. You can apply for Childcare Subsidy payments at or we will help you with an application. Once you have received your assessment we will be able to provide you with an ESTIMATE of your out of pocket expenses. 

Your CCS payment is automatically added to your account after the weeks care has been completed. 

It is advised that you lodge your Childcare Subsidy application prior to your child’s enrolment at the Centre. The Centre is only able to reduce your fees on receipt of your childcare assessment notice, without this assessment notice full fees apply. 

Understanding Your Childcare Subsidy Assessment

% Allocated; Once you have been assessed you will be given a % amount that the government will contribute towards your out of pocket fee. 5% of your total subsidy will be withheld by the government to reduce the likely hood of an over payment. Any underpayments relating to CCS will be paid direct to parents including any unused portion of the 5% already withheld. Additionally any over payments will be recouped by the government. 

Annual Cap: The annual cap refers to how much Childcare Subsidy will be paid to the centre per child each financial year. If your family earns $186,958 or less than there is no annual cap. If Your family earns between $186,958 and $351,248 your childcare subsidy will be capped. Once you have reached the cap your childcare subsidy will cease meaning full fees apply, refer to human services website for full details of CCS caps. 

Hours; Along with the % allocated each family is also entitled to a specific number of hours that can be used for childcare. The total number of hours you will be eligible for is determined by the amount of activity you will use during a fortnight. Activity refers to Work-Study-Volunteer Hours (refer to the human services website for a complete list of recognised activity) . Families need to be mindful that if they use more than the approved hours for childcare then their out of pocket will increase. For example if you are approved for 36 hours of care per fortnight and you book and extra day increasing your hours than any extra hours over the 36 hours approved will not be subsidised.

Type of Care; Refers to what childcare you are using either being long day care – before and after school care – family day care. The age of your child will also factor into the amount of childcare subsidy you will receive. 

Paying Your Childcare Account

Understanding how busy you are we use an automated invoicing and direct debit payment system giving you peace of mind that your childcare account is paid on time. Families can nominate to pay their account by using either a cheque or savings account or by credit card. Applications and agreements to pay via our direct debit system are available to complete in our online enrolment form application. One off payments due to exceptional circumstances can be arranged direct with the centre.

Invoices, with the estimated Childcare subsidy % applied, are emailed to families on Fridays with the amount due being deducted from your nominated account on the following Monday allowing plenty of time to ensure funds are available. Our software provider permits parent online access to their account anywhere anytime so you are able to view all areas concerning your account from booked days to your childcare subsidy payments.

You have the option to nominate the frequency to pay your account either weekly , fortnightly or monthly to fit within your own pay cycle. All accounts are paid in advance with the amount determined by the payment frequency nominated. Terms and conditions of our invoicing and payment policy are available at Gummibears childcare centre.